Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Folweiler has been adjusting patients since 1991. He uses a hands-on approach that allows for the maximum amount of control and feedback. This adjustment style is referred to as manual, diversified, or osseous. Dr. Folweiler provides adjustments to the spine, pelvis, shoulders, knees, ankle, feet, hips, elbows, wrists, and hands.


Dr. Folweiler is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board. He has received extensive training in the rehabilitation of many conditions.

By using a test-exercise-retest approach, we can determine which stretches, exercises, and therapies are most likely to address a patient’s underlying dysfunction. Rehabilitation techniques can be used to treat neck and back pain, whiplash, disk herniations, sports injuries, overuse and repetitive stress injuries, tennis elbow, knee pain, ankle sprains, shoulder injuries, and more.

Massage Therapy

massage therapist Deb Hamilton

Massage therapy has many benefits – lessen pain, release muscle tension, relaxation, increase flexibility, improve circulation, and reduce pain.

Deb Hamilton, LMP is an experienced licensed massage therapist. She performs deep tissue therapeutic massage, craniosacral technique, BodyTalk ™, and Reiki. She has a firm touch and an ability to seek out problem areas and release the tension in the muscles.

Graston Technique®

shoulder tension stress

Whether you are a weekend warrior, elite athlete, or new triathlete, we can help you when sports injuries occur.  The repetitive motion associated with many sports can lead to hip, knee, and shoulder pain.  By using the latest scientific evidence and his many years of experience treating athletes, Dr. Folweiler can help you heal from your sports injuries and return to your full potential.  The Graston Technique is particularly good for treating tendon injuries and other conditions where hands alone cannot generate enough force to change soft tissues.

Sports Injuries

Dr. Folweiler is certified as a Graston Technique® provider. The specialized instruments detect and treat scar tissue and restrictions. The technique stretches connective tissue and muscle fibers, increases blood flow, and increases cellular activity. Graston Technique® is particularly helpful in treating tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), plantar fasciitis, post-surgical scarring and adhesions, shin splints, rotator cuff injuries (shoulder pain), and many sports injuries. Learn more about the Graston Technique®.

Chiropractic Consultations/Second Opinions

Other chiropractors have been referring to Dr. Folweiler for years. In cases where a work injury claim has been open for more than 120 days (4 months), a chiropractic consultation is required. In motor vehicle collision injuries, if questions arise regarding the need for additional care, it makes sense to have a second opinion. Complicated cases, involving apportionment, multiple providers, and challenging conditions may benefit from a thoughtful second opinion.

After having undergone additional post-graduate training, Dr. Folweiler is certified as both an approved examiner and chiropractic consultant with the Department of Labor and Industries.

Impairment Ratings

In some cases, injuries can be permanent. When an injury reaches a point where additional treatment is unlikely to significantly change a condition, the insurance company is often no longer willing to pay for treatment. In these cases, it may be appropriate to have the residual injuries rated. Having an impairment rating may be of assistance in closing your work injury or auto injury claim. Dr. Folweiler uses the Washington State Labor & Industries guidelines and the widely accepted AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment to determine impairment ratings (a.k.a. permanent partial disability – PPD).

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