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Is elbow pain stopping you from doing what you love in the Seattle area?  We would like to help.

We know that elbow pain can keep you from doing what you love to do.  We have been helping patients with sports injuries recover quickly for over 20 years.

Causes of Elbow Pain

Do you get elbow pain with simple everyday tasks, such as lifting a coffee cup or turning a doorknob? Have you lost grip strength? Do you dread having to grip firmly? You may have tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, can cause loss of grip strength and pain with sports and other activities. Many modern office worker develop this from frequent use of a keyboard and mouse.  Tennis elbow can be a disabling condition, making it hard to even lift a coffee cup without pain.

If you have avoiding using your hand because of elbow pain, we know what you are going through.  Not being able to participate fully and/or not being able to reach your goals can be very frustrating.

We can help. Dr. Folweiler uses a combination of techniques that can dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to heal from tennis elbow.

We would love the opportunity to help you return to your activities.  When you come in for your first appointment, you will have a consultation and examination with Dr. Folweiler that is specifically designed to uncover the cause of your injuries.  If we can help, we will recommend the most effective care for your unique situation.

Contact us today to schedule your first visit.  You will be glad you did.

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