Our Staff

Dr. David Folweiler – Chiropractor

Dr. Folweiler is a former competitive triathlete. Sidelined by sports injuries, he sought chiropractic care, based on a recommendation from a friend.

Chiropractic care helped him overcome sports injuries to go on to compete well in dozens of triathlons. After some soul searching, Dr. Folweiler felt that the best way that he could help humanity was by becoming a chiropractor himself. He enjoys helping people overcome their health concerns to get back to doing what they love.

Dr. Folweiler has been a practicing chiropractor in the Pacific Northwest since 1994 and in North Seattle since 1998. He is on the board with a non-profit Groundswell NW. He lives with his wife and their two children in a historic home in Ballard.

You can read more about Dr. Folweiler’s training and credentials here.

Deb Hamilton – Licensed Massage Therapist (#MA0011401)

Deb Hamilton has been in practice since 1991 and brings a depth of experience to her massage that makes her a tremendous asset. She draws from a wide range of techniques in her massages, from several modalities in deep tissue massage to energy work like Reiki and BodyTalk. She receives high compliments from chiropractors and clients.

Deb went to Virginia Tech and received a degree in communications. After working in advertising for a few years, she decided to make a change in careers. She was drawn to massage from a desire to help others and strengthen human connections and relationships.

That desire for human relationships carries over into her personal life. She gets strength and joy from her many friends. She is a passionate indoor gardener. Her Ballard home is filled with over 50 houseplants, including some that she has nurtured for decades. She has cuttings from her grandmother’s African violets and a terrarium plant that has grown to over six feet tall!

Seattle is a good fit for Deb. She finds Seattleites more grounded and balanced in their lives, allowing for more than just work.

Deb admits to two vices — tea and chocolate. She once dreamed of opening a community center/tea house based on these two loves, but finds that her true love is bodywork. Deb recently gave her 16,000th professional massage.

Stephanie Philbrick – Chiropractic Assistant

In 2015, Stephanie was in five car accidents! She was referred by her naturopath to a chiropractor for treatment. As someone who had never been to a chiropractor, she was terrified that she would only come out of the appointment in more pain than she was already in. She gathered her courage and saw a local chiropractor. After the first visit, she could stand straight up and sit down again without any pain. She continued seeing the chiropractor for several months.

She is now completely convinced that regular visits to see a chiropractor are crucial to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Even though she was so scared to come to her first visit, she is so thankful that she did.

Now, she gets regular chiropractic care and will continue to do so throughout her life.

Spirit – Our “Lab” Assistant

Spirit was adopted in 2007 by Dr. Folweiler and his family.  She loves to great people and is looking forward to meeting you.  She won’t turn down a pat or a belly rub.  She comes to work with Dr. Folweiler most days.

She loves to hike and can be seen in the Cascades on many a weekend.  When it’s hot out, she’ll gladly jump off a dock and fetch a tennis ball from water.

(Shh…don’t tell her, but she’s not a purebred Labrador retriever.)

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